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Ricky Starks makes CANDID backstage AEW locker room comments

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, candid insights from wrestlers provide a rare glimpse into the backstage dynamics of major promotions.

Ricky Starks, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shared his personal experiences and challenges within the AEW locker room on the Gabby AF podcast, revealing a side of the industry often hidden from public view.

AEW News: Seeking Guidance in AEW

Starks expressed that he finds himself somewhat isolated when it comes to seeking advice within AEW. Despite the locker room being filled with experienced and talented individuals, Starks mentioned that he doesn’t really have anyone he can consistently turn to for guidance.

This statement sheds light on the complexities and perhaps the unexpected solitude that can exist even in a team-oriented environment like professional wrestling.

AEW News: Limited Mentorship Opportunities

Interestingly, Starks did mention two names in the industry he occasionally seeks out for advice: Cody Rhodes and Bryan Danielson.

However, these interactions are not as frequent as one might expect. Starks’ comments highlight the challenges wrestlers face in finding mentorship, especially in an environment as competitive and fast-paced as AEW.

The Independent Wrestling Scene

Starks’ journey in the independent wrestling circuit before joining AEW was marked by numerous achievements and learning experiences.

His transition to a massive promotion like AEW brings to light the differences in dynamics between independent circuits and larger promotions.

The support systems and mentorship opportunities can vary greatly, impacting a wrestler’s experience and growth.


  • Who is Ricky Starks? Ricky Starks is a professional wrestler currently with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What did Ricky Starks reveal about the AEW locker room? He shared that he often lacks someone to turn to for advice within AEW.
  • Who does Ricky Starks occasionally seek advice from? He occasionally talks to Cody Rhodes and Bryan Danielson for guidance.
  • How does this reflect on the wrestling industry? It highlights the challenges wrestlers face in finding mentorship and support in large promotions.
  • What is the significance of these comments? Starks’ comments shed light on the backstage dynamics and personal challenges wrestlers face in major promotions like AEW.
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