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Top AEW star teases heel turn on AEW Collision

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AEW Collision was a night filled with unexpected twists and turns. The most shocking of all was the apparent heel turn of Ricky Starks, a beloved figure All Elite Wrestling.

The night was marked by a controversial finish in the men’s final of the Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament, where Starks faced off against CM Punk.

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AEW Collision: The Controversial Finish

In a match that had fans on the edge of their seats, Starks managed to secure a victory over Punk. However, the manner of his win left many questioning his actions.

Starks used the ropes for leverage during the pinfall, a move that is generally considered underhanded in professional wrestling.

The referee counted the pinfall having not seen the misdemeanour, and Starks emerged victorious, leaving a stunned Punk in the ring.

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The Aftermath: A Heel Turn?

Following the match, Starks’ actions continued to raise eyebrows. As Jushin Thunder Liger, a respected figure in the wrestling world, approached to hand Starks the Owen Cup, Starks snatched the cup from him.

This act, coupled with his controversial win, seemed to indicate a heel turn for the popular AEW star.

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Starks’ Actions on AEW Collision: A Calculated Move?

Starks’ actions on AEW Collision have left fans and critics alike speculating about his intentions. Was this a calculated move to turn heel, or simply a moment of passion in the heat of competition?

Regardless, his actions have certainly stirred up controversy and added an extra layer of intrigue to his character.

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The Aftermath: AEW Battle of the Belts VII

Following the Collision event, Starks appeared on AEW Battle of the Belts VII. Here, he was presented with the prizes for the 2023 Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament by Dr Martha Hart and Tony Khan.

Interestingly, Starks did not display any heel-like behaviour during this segment, leaving fans to wonder about his true intentions.

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