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Rob Van Dam Makes HUGE Claim Regarding CM Punk and the Fight That Got Him Fired

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, controversies and backstage altercations are not uncommon. However, when two big names like CM Punk and Jack Perry are involved, it’s bound to make headlines.

Recently, wrestling legend Rob Van Dam weighed in on the altercation between these two, and his perspective might surprise many.

Rob Van Dam, a seasoned wrestler with decades of experience, recently shared his thoughts on the backstage incident between CM Punk and Jack Perry. Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Van Dam expressed that the altercation, which has been the talk of the wrestling community, wasn’t as significant as many are making it out to be.

He commented, “It happened, and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m sure people are going to s*** on this opinion, but that’s what I said when I saw that every single site was picking this up.” Van Dam further added that such incidents are not uncommon in the world of combat sports. He drew parallels with MMA weigh-ins where fighters often get into heated face-offs.

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Rob Van Dam on Wrestling vs. MMA: A Different Ballgame

Van Dam highlighted the difference between wrestling and MMA, stating that wrestlers don’t face the same pressures as fighters.

In MMA, fighters need to be in peak physical condition, avoiding injuries to ensure they have every advantage in a bout. Wrestlers, on the other hand, don’t have the same kind of pressure.

He mentioned, “With wrestling, it’s even a little bit different because the competitors don’t have the whole injury, win or lose, be in the best condition possible to have every advantage, wrestlers aren’t in that the same way that a fighter is.”

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The Business Side of Wrestling

While Van Dam downplayed the incident, he acknowledged the business implications for wrestling promotions. He noted that if such an altercation occurred in MMA, promoters would likely book a fight between the two involved. This approach, he said, has always been the norm in wrestling as well.

However, he also pointed out the responsibility of wrestling promotions, saying, “With wrestling, I don’t know, it’s not something you should just ignore if you’re the boss and you got millions and millions invested and some of that is going to these two players and you need to handle the business end of it to protect your investment.”

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The Aftermath of the Altercation

The repercussions of the Punk-Perry incident were swift. AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Jack Perry had been suspended indefinitely due to the backstage altercation. CM Punk, on the other hand, has been let go by AEW.

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