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Ronda Rousey: HUGE update on ROH/AEW deal

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In a move that has sent ripples through the wrestling community, Ronda Rousey, the renowned former UFC champion, recently made an unexpected debut in Ring of Honor (ROH).

This appearance, which was not promoted in advance, saw Rousey team up with Marina Shafir to secure a victory against Athena and Billie Starkz.

This development marks a significant moment in Rousey’s wrestling career, showcasing her versatility and appeal across various wrestling platforms.

The Nature of Ronda Rousey And Her Agreement with AEW/ROH

Contrary to what many might have speculated, Ronda Rousey has not inked an official contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) or ROH, as confirmed in a new report from Fightful Select.

Instead, she is currently operating on a handshake deal. This arrangement allows her the flexibility to participate in events and matches that align with her interests and schedule.

The primary motivation behind her recent bookings, including appearances at ROH, REVOLVER, and Lucha VaVoom events, stems from her desire to work alongside her close friend, Marina Shafir.

Rousey’s Position in AEW Full Gear 2023

Dispelling some of the circulating rumours, it’s important to note that Rousey is not the mystery signing planned for AEW Full Gear 2023.

She was never in consideration for that particular spot. This clarification helps set the record straight and manage the expectations of fans eagerly anticipating the event.

Broader Implications and Future Prospects

Rousey’s current stance in the wrestling world is a fascinating one. Her decision to engage in a non-contractual relationship with AEW/ROH allows her a unique kind of freedom within the industry.

It also opens up possibilities for her to explore various collaborations and appearances without the constraints typically associated with long-term contracts.


  • Has Ronda Rousey signed a contract with AEW/ROH? No, Rousey is currently working with AEW/ROH on a handshake deal, not a formal contract.
  • Why did Ronda Rousey appear in ROH? Rousey’s appearance in ROH was primarily motivated by her desire to work with her friend Marina Shafir.
  • Is Ronda Rousey the mystery signing for AEW Full Gear 2023? No, Rousey is not the mystery signing for AEW Full Gear 2023.
  • What does Rousey’s handshake deal mean for her wrestling career? This arrangement allows Rousey the flexibility to participate in selected events and matches that interest her, without being bound by a long-term contract.
  • Can we expect Rousey to sign an official contract with AEW/ROH in the future? As of now, there is no information indicating that Rousey will sign an official contract with AEW/ROH in the near future.
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