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SHOCKING heel turn on AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2023 takes place

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The world of professional wrestling witnessed a jaw-dropping moment during the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2023 event.

Fans at the Arthur Ashe Stadium were left in disbelief as unexpected alliances formed and betrayals took centre stage.

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AEW Dynamite: Sammy Guevara’s Unexpected Betrayal

In a historic match-up, Sammy Guevara faced his mentor, Chris Jericho, for the very first time in AEW’s history. The bout was filled with high-octane moves and a display of sheer wrestling prowess. However, it was the aftermath of the match that left everyone stunned.

After a hard-fought battle, Guevara was pinned by Jericho. In a show of sportsmanship, the two opponents initially shook hands and embraced, celebrating their shared history and the respect they held for each other.

But in a shocking twist, Guevara turned on Jericho, delivering a low blow that left the veteran wrestler incapacitated.

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Don Callis Enters the Scene

As the New York crowd expressed their disdain with a chorus of boos, Don Callis made his appearance. Emerging on the ramp and making his way to the ring, Callis greeted the now-heel Guevara.

The two then exited the arena together, leaving fans and commentators alike speculating about this new alliance.

In a subsequent backstage segment, Renee Paquette tried to get some answers from Guevara.

However, before he could respond, Callis interrupted, cryptically stating that all would be revealed on the upcoming AEW Rampage.

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AEW Dynamite: Tensions Rise with Daniel Garcia

The drama didn’t end there. As Guevara walked backstage, he encountered Daniel Garcia, who seemed less than pleased with Guevara’s newfound alliance with Callis.

The two exchanged heated words, with Garcia clearly disapproving of Guevara’s actions. However, Callis stepped in, advising Guevara to back down and avoid escalating the situation further.

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What Lies Ahead?

The events of the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam have undoubtedly set the stage for intriguing storylines in the coming weeks.

Has Sammy Guevara officially become a part of the Don Callis Family? What does this mean for his future in AEW, and how will this impact his relationship with other wrestlers, especially Chris Jericho?

While many questions remain unanswered, one thing is sure: the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2023 event will be remembered for its unexpected twists and the shocking heel turn that no one saw coming.

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