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WWE Legend on Samoa Joe’s CREDIBILITY as AEW Champion

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the rise of Samoa Joe as the AEW Champion marks a significant shift in the landscape.

Bully Ray, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared his insights on Joe’s credibility as the leading figure in AEW, highlighting the veteran’s impact on the promotion.

AEW News: Samoa Joe’s Impact on AEW

AEW has welcomed 2024 with Samoa Joe at the helm as the world champion, a move that has infused the promotion with a fresh and compelling narrative in the main event scene.

Joe’s tenure in AEW so far has been marked by memorable moments, including a notable match with HOOK on the January 17 edition of “AEW Dynamite.”

At 44, Joe brings a wealth of experience and a commanding presence to AEW’s main-event scene, offering a refreshing change from the previous focus on stars like MJF, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and The Elite.

AEW News: Bully Ray’s Perspective on Joe’s Legitimacy

Bully Ray’s comments on the Busted Open Radio podcast underscore Joe’s legitimacy as a champion.

He emphasises Joe’s ability to captivate audiences, stating, “When he talks – when Joe talks, I listen, because he makes me listen.”

Ray praises Joe’s skill in making scripted promos feel authentic and his overall aura of legitimacy. This perspective is significant, coming from a seasoned professional like Ray, who understands the nuances of wrestling’s storytelling and character development.

The Samoan Legacy in Wrestling

Ray also touches on the broader context of Samoan wrestlers in the industry, noting their inherent credibility and believability.

This includes current WWE champion Roman Reigns, among others. Samoa Joe’s journey, with varying degrees of success in Ring Of Honor, TNA, and a mixed tenure in WWE, has culminated in a career resurgence under AEW’s banner.


  • Who is Samoa Joe?
    • Samoa Joe is a veteran professional wrestler and the current AEW World Champion.
  • What did Bully Ray say about Samoa Joe?
    • Bully Ray praised Samoa Joe’s credibility and ability to engage audiences, particularly highlighting his authenticity in promos and in-ring presence.
  • How has Samoa Joe impacted AEW?
    • Joe has brought a fresh dynamic to AEW’s main-event scene, offering a change from the previous focus on other wrestlers and adding a new level of legitimacy to the championship.
  • What is the significance of Samoa Joe’s Samoan heritage in wrestling?
    • Samoa Joe’s heritage is part of a broader legacy of Samoan wrestlers known for their credibility and believability in the wrestling industry.
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