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HUGE AEW Star Was FURIOUS Backstage at AEW All In

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In a shocking turn of events, the backstage atmosphere at AEW All In in London was anything but celebratory. A heated altercation between two of the company’s top stars, CM Punk and Jack Perry, sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community and left many questioning the future of the promotion.

Before the main card of All In London could even kick off, CM Punk and Jack Perry found themselves in a heated confrontation.

The fallout from this backstage scuffle was so severe that both wrestlers were suspended. The incident not only affected the two involved but also had a ripple effect, causing distress among many within the company.

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AEW All In: The Aftermath of the Altercation

This unexpected turn of events left many bewildered, with Tony Khan, the company’s president, almost becoming an unintended victim of the chaos.

Bryan Alvarez highlighted the gravity of the situation on Wrestling Observer Live. He claimed that Samoa Joe, another prominent AEW star, was livid about the entire debacle:

“Several people said he [CM Punk] threatened to quit and he didn’t want to go out for the match. I believe they went to FTR and The Young Bucks and they were like, ‘can you guys open the show?’ and the response was, ‘we’re not ready to open the show.’ Then they went to the six-man with Kenny and Hangman and all those guys and they were like, ‘can you open the show?’ and they were like, ‘I guess we can’ and so they were getting ready to go out. I was told that Joe was just FURIOUS because he’s at Wembley, there’s 80,000 people there and he’s about to go out and apparently…he [Joe] talked Punk into doing the match.”

Joe’s frustration was palpable as he was preparing to perform in front of a massive crowd of 80,000 at Wembley Stadium. According to sources, Samoa Joe played a crucial role in convincing Punk to proceed with his scheduled match.

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Impact on AEW Morale

The backstage drama between CM Punk and Jack Perry had a profound impact on the company’s morale. On what was supposed to be a historic day for AEW, the focus shifted from the monumental Wembley Stadium show to the backstage feud.

Many stars felt overshadowed and believed that the fight detracted from the significance of the event.

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The Broader Implications

The incident between Punk and Perry wasn’t just a fleeting moment of anger. It highlighted deeper issues within the company.

Many backstage felt disheartened, seeing two of their colleagues engage in such a public confrontation. The fact that a brief backstage scuffle could overshadow an entire show speaks volumes about the challenges AEW faces in managing its talent and ensuring a harmonious working environment.

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Public Reaction

The wrestling community and fans have been buzzing about the incident. Many are debating whether this confrontation was the most significant story to emerge from All In.

While some believe that such incidents are part and parcel of the wrestling world, others feel that it reflects poorly on the company’s image.

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