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Samoa Joe makes a big claim about CM Punk’s appearance

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Samoa Joe, a celebrated name in the wrestling world, recently opened up about his relationship with CM Punk, his fierce rival.

The two have a history that dates back to their days in the ring. Their most recent face-off was at the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament semi-finals during the July 8th episode of AEW Collision.

Unfortunately for Joe, this match ended in a loss against Punk.

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Samoa Joe: The ‘Punchable Face’ Remark

During a conversation with Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone, Joe made a rather audacious remark about Punk. He claimed that Punk had a ‘punchable’ face, a comment that has since stirred up the wrestling community.

Joe stated, “I think it speaks generally to just how much people enjoy me punching Punk in the (face)…He has a very punchable face, and I’m very good at punching it.”

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The Art of the Punch

Joe went on to explain his unique approach to punching Punk. According to him, he doesn’t just aimlessly throw punches.

Instead, he targets specific areas like the jaw and the temple. He believes this strategy is what makes his punches so effective and enjoyable for the audience. “I give you a lot of different looks. Most people only give you one or two looks. I’ll go for the jaw, I’ll go for the temple, I’ll lump him up,” he explained.

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The Future of the Rivalry

While Joe did not reveal any future plans or matches with Punk, it is clear that their rivalry is far from over. With Joe’s recent comments, fans are more eager than ever to see these two back in the ring.

Whether it’s the next tournament or a one-on-one match, one thing is certain: the audience will be waiting to see Joe land his famous punches on Punk’s ‘punchable’ face.

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