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TOP AEW star rips into “TRIBALISM,” but not among wrestling fans

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In a world where tribalism often divides, Samoa Joe, the AEW World Champion, has voiced his thoughts on a different kind of rivalry: the long-standing debate between Xbox and PlayStation enthusiasts.

His comments, far from the wrestling ring, shed light on the broader issue of brand loyalty and consumer culture.

Samoa Joe: AEW Star Gives His Take on Console Wars

Joe, known for his prowess in the ring, took to social media to express his views on the console debate. He remarked, “Whenever I see Xbox vs PlayStation talk, I just sit back and shake my head at people arguing over who gets to extort them for money every month.”

This statement highlights a critical perspective on the consumer culture that pits fans of different gaming consoles against each other.

A Comparison with Video Rental Stores

Intriguingly, Joe drew a parallel between the console wars and the historical feud between Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.

He mused that if these video rental giants had managed their rivalry better, they might still be relevant today. This comparison serves as a reminder of how intense competition in the entertainment industry can lead to the downfall of once-dominant players.

Wrestling and Tribalism between AEW and WWE Fans

While Joe’s comments were directed at the gaming industry, they resonate with the tribalism seen in professional wrestling.

Fans often align themselves with specific promotions, leading to heated debates and rivalries. However, Joe’s focus on the gaming industry offers a fresh perspective on how tribalism can manifest in different forms.


  • Who is Samoa Joe?
    • Samoa Joe is a professional wrestler and the AEW World Champion.
  • What was Samoa Joe’s comment about?
    • He commented on the tribalism seen in the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation fans.
  • Did Joe compare this to anything?
    • Yes, he compared it to the historical rivalry between Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.
  • What does this say about consumer culture?
    • It highlights how brand loyalty can lead to intense rivalries among consumers.
  • Is this related to wrestling tribalism?
    • While not directly about wrestling, it reflects similar tribalism seen among wrestling fans.
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