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AEW star claims WWE wanted to sign him and his tag team partner

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In a recent development that has caught the attention of wrestling fans worldwide, Ortiz, one-half of the dynamic tag team Santana and Ortiz, revealed that WWE had shown significant interest in signing them before they ultimately joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

This news came to light during Ortiz’s appearance on the “Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast.”

WWE: Pursuit of Santana and Ortiz

Ortiz shared that after their stint with Impact Wrestling, they found themselves at a career crossroads, with WWE emerging as a potential destination.

He explained, “Impact definitely wanted to keep us. WWE was an option at that time. It really went back and forth with us and it made our decision really hard.”

The offer from WWE was not only appealing but also posed a challenging decision for the duo, as it included a move to NXT, WWE’s developmental territory.

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Choosing AEW Over WWE

Despite the allure of WWE, Santana and Ortiz decided to sign with AEW. Ortiz cited the more relaxed schedule with AEW as a pivotal factor in their decision, emphasizing the importance of family time.

“Ultimately, we went with AEW just because the schedule was a huge factor being that we would be at home more with our families. We’d be able to raise our children and have more of a hand in that,” he said.

This decision reflects the growing trend of wrestlers prioritizing work-life balance over the traditionally gruelling schedules of larger wrestling promotions.


  • Who is Ortiz? Ortiz is a professional wrestler, part of the tag team Santana and Ortiz, currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What did Ortiz reveal about WWE? Ortiz revealed that WWE was interested in signing him and his tag team partner Santana after they left Impact Wrestling.
  • Why did Santana and Ortiz choose AEW over WWE? They chose AEW primarily due to its more flexible schedule, which allowed them more time with their families.
  • What does this reveal about the wrestling industry? This situation highlights the competitive nature of wrestling promotions in attracting talent and the increasing importance wrestlers place on work-life balance.
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