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Saraya makes big claim regarding WWE and her neck issues

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In a recent revelation, Saraya, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, has made a significant claim about her time in WWE.

She alleges that the company’s medical team showed a lack of interest in addressing her neck injury. During her appearance on the Inside The Ropes podcast, Saraya shared her experiences, shedding light on the indifference she faced.

Saraya recalls repeatedly requesting the WWE medical team to examine her neck. However, she was met with a disheartening response. The medical team allegedly stated that the matter was closed and that they would not continue to monitor it. This left Saraya in a predicament where she had to bear the financial burden of her medical check-ups.

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Saraya in WWE: The Medical Team’s Disappointing Stance

The person responsible for this decision, according to Saraya, was a medical team member named Stacy. Saraya clarified that this issue was not related to any other WWE authority figures, such as Hunter. However, she expressed her disappointment with the medical department’s stance, considering it unfair: “At WWE, I asked to see my neck a few times, and the medical said that the book was closed on that, and they weren’t gonna’ keep checking on it, which was really disappointing.

“So if I wanted to check on my neck, it would have to come out of my own pocket. Her name was Stacy, that was her who said that, by the way. So it wasn’t anything to do with like Hunter (Triple H) or anything, it was just that medical department, which I thought was a little unfair, but it’s okay.”

Saraya’s Comeback: A Journey of Resilience

Despite the challenges, Saraya is not one to back down easily. She is determined to make a comeback, albeit at a slower pace. She emphasized the need to work smarter, not harder, as she embarks on this new chapter in her thirties.

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