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Saraya FIRES BACK over accusations of cosmetic work from WWE fan

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Professional wrestling is no stranger to controversies, and the latest one involves Saraya, a revered figure in the wrestling world.

Known for her accomplishments and resilience in overcoming personal challenges, Saraya recently found herself at the centre of a heated debate on social media.

Saraya has always been a magnet for both admiration and criticism. Despite her achievements and her battles with issues like a neck injury and endometriosis, she has not been immune to the harsh comments of some individuals on social media platforms.

The latest incident saw Saraya involved in a fiery exchange with fans on Twitter. During this interaction, she used the term “ugly” to address some of her detractors. This led to a WWE fan accusing her of undergoing cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance.

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Saraya: Addressing the Cosmetic Work Accusations

Rather than avoiding the topic, Saraya confronted the accusations head-on. She candidly admitted to having breast augmentation surgery and receiving lip filler treatments over five years ago.

However, she challenged the fan to specify any other cosmetic procedures she might have undergone, especially concerning her face.

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Saraya’s Current Role in AEW

Saraya’s prowess isn’t just limited to her ability to handle criticism. She currently holds the prestigious AEW Women’s World Champion title.

Embracing her role as a heel in the wrestling domain, she has been a force to reckon with. While some fans believe she might be taking her heel persona a tad too seriously, Saraya’s primary focus remains on her upcoming championship defence against Toni Storm.

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