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Saraya makes HUGE claim regarding AEW All In 2023

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Saraya, the renowned AEW wrestler and former WWE name, has made a significant claim about the upcoming AEW All In 2023 event.

The former Paige in WWE has expressed her desire to see multiple women’s matches at the pay-per-view event, a move that could potentially revolutionise the wrestling landscape.

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A New Era for Women’s Wrestling

Saraya’s statement comes at a time when the wrestling industry is witnessing an increased focus on women’s wrestling.

Her call for multiple women’s matches at a major event like AEW All In 2023 is a testament to the growing prominence of women in the sport.

Saraya took to Twitter to voice her opinion, stating, “Well. It’s a big show, gonna be a longer one too. Putting my opinion about me to the side and thinking of the division as a whole. I think the women deserve an opportunity and with ample time we could have multiple matches and really utilize the weeks between now and until then to start telling a couple of different stories leading up to what’s gonna be the biggest wrestling event in history.”

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The Potential Impact on AEW All In 2023

AEW All In 2023 is slated to take place at Wembley Stadium in London, England on August 27th. As of now, no matches have been announced for the show.

However, Saraya’s bold claim has sparked a wave of speculation and anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike.

If Saraya’s vision comes to fruition, it could mark a significant milestone in the history of AEW and women’s wrestling as a whole.

The inclusion of multiple women’s matches in the event would not only provide a platform for talented female wrestlers to showcase their skills but also contribute to the diversification and growth of the sport.

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