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Saraya wants these HUGE matches in AEW

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Saraya Knight’s excitement for All In 2023 is palpable. The company’s decision to take place in England was a significant one for her.

AEW’s bold approach, encapsulated in their “go big or go home” attitude, resonated deeply with the former WWE Superstar.

The choice of Wembley Stadium as the venue was met with scepticism by some, but Saraya’s faith in the British wrestling fans to sell the show out was unwavering.

It turns out that her prediction was vindicated. For Saraya, this was more than just an event; it was a triumphant return to a stage she hadn’t graced in nearly a decade.

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The Outcasts: Saraya and Pillars of Support

Transitioning to a new wrestling promotion can be challenging. However, Saraya found solace and support in her fellow wrestlers, particularly Toni and Ruby Soho, which she revealed in an interview with TV Insider.

Their selflessness and dedication to helping others made Saraya’s transition to AEW smoother. The camaraderie in the AEW locker room is evident, with wrestlers often brainstorming ideas for matches they aren’t even part of.

Saraya’s bond with Toni and Ruby goes beyond the ring, with the trio often exchanging ideas and supporting each other in their personal lives.

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Saraya’s Dreams for the AEW Women’s Division

Saraya’s ambitions for the women’s division in AEW are clear. She emphasises the promotion’s youth, having been in business for only four years, and believes there’s ample room for growth: “People have to realize AEW has only been in the business for four years. It’s very much a baby. We have so much time to let things grow and evolve. I’m sure going down the line there will be more situations for the women, more new faces that will come in. I’ll be there with open arms. I personally have never gotten to do stipulated matches in WWE. I want to do cage matches and ladder matches.

“Personally, I would love to be part of it. I know Tony trusts the girls 100 percent to do things like that. Just more of that kind of stuff. I want us to continue to main event here and there. I’m not saying all the time, but it’s nice to have that spot. New faces coming in, and I welcome everyone. AEW is so wonderful about hiring new people. I feel like in WWE I have to be a certain kind of way where AEW is friendly for everybody. It’s so inclusive. Just awesome. I feel very privileged of being part of such a wonderful company that is such a baby. You never would think at four years a company would be selling out Wembley Stadium. It’s incredible. I’m super thankful.”

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