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Saraya makes MASSIVE reveal regarding her AEW career

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Saraya and her wrestling career, particularly her tenure in WWE, stand out as one of the most impactful in women’s wrestling over the past decade.

After leaving WWE, she transitioned to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a move that garnered significant attention from fans and critics alike.

However, in a recent revelation, Saraya confessed that she wasn’t prepared to take on the mantle of a champion immediately after her AEW debut.

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Saraya: The Grand Debut and Initial Challenges

Saraya’s introduction to the AEW audience occurred during the ‘Dynamite: Grand Slam’ event. This was followed by her in-ring debut against Britt Baker at AEW Full Gear, a match she emerged victorious from.

Despite this win, Saraya’s recent comments on Women’s Wrestling Talk shed light on her internal struggles and self-assessment.

She candidly shared, “I wasn’t ready for that. Even now, there’s the conversation like, ‘Is she ready? Is she not ready?’ I couldn’t give a toss about that, but a year ago I definitely was not ready.”

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Saraya: Perspective on Fairness and Growth

Saraya’s humility shines through as she reflects on her journey. She believes that had she won the championship immediately after her debut, it wouldn’t have been fair to the other wrestlers and the fans.

She said, “From my standpoint, considering I’ve been out for five plus years, and then all of a sudden, I’m just like, ‘Okay, I can win a championship,’ yeah, it wouldn’t be too fair.”

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The Slow and Steady Rise to the Top

Saraya expressed appreciation for the gradual build of her character and storyline in AEW. She felt privileged to be involved in a major storyline with Britt Baker, one of AEW’s top female wrestlers and its first-ever signee.

Saraya’s journey in AEW wasn’t just about winning titles; it was about growth, evolution, and proving herself.

She remarked, “I like the slow build to it. I was very fortunate that I got to go into a big storyline with Britt Baker. It gave me a little bit more of a build and a fight for it. And there were girls in between that got the championship. I feel like now was the perfect time.”

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The Joyous Moment of Triumph

Saraya’s patience and hard work eventually paid off when she clinched the AEW Women’s Championship at AEW All In. This victory was not just a personal achievement for Saraya but also a testament to her dedication and commitment to the sport.

As she continues her reign as the champion, fans eagerly await to see how AEW will shape her storyline in the coming weeks.

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