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Saraya CONFIRMS social media break was NOT for rumoured reason

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, Saraya, a renowned figure and former AEW Women’s Champion, recently made headlines not for her in-ring prowess but for her sudden hiatus from social media.

This move sparked various speculations and rumours among fans and followers. However, Saraya has now clarified the reasons behind her decision, debunking the myths and setting the record straight.

One of the most talked-about theories regarding Saraya’s social media absence was its alleged connection to Bryan Danielson, a fellow wrestler known for his disciplinary stance within AEW.

Rumours suggested that Danielson’s influence and possible imposition of fines on AEW talent for their social media activities might have played a role in Saraya’s decision. However, Saraya has categorically denied these claims.

Saraya: Her Own Words, A Personal Choice

Saraya took to Twitter to address these rumours directly.

In her tweet, she emphasised that her break from social media was a personal choice, entirely unrelated to any external influences or directives.

She stated, “I took a long social media break. Not because anyone told me not to haha. Ain’t no one telling s*** about my twitter I can do what I want.”

This response not only clears the air but also highlights Saraya’s independent spirit and her control over her personal and professional decisions.

The Impact of Social Media on Wrestlers

Saraya’s hiatus and subsequent clarification bring to light the complex relationship between professional wrestlers and social media.

Wrestlers often use these platforms to connect with fans, build their brand, and engage in storytelling beyond the ring.

However, the intense scrutiny and sometimes negative interactions can take a toll, leading some wrestlers to step back and reassess their engagement with these platforms.

Saraya: Future in AEW and Beyond

Currently, Saraya remains an active member of The Outcasts alongside Ruby Soho in AEW. Her return to social media and clarification regarding her hiatus has reignited interest in her future endeavours within the company.

Fans and industry insiders are keen to see what plans AEW has for her in the upcoming weeks and how she will continue to shape her legacy in women’s professional wrestling.


  • Why did Saraya take a break from social media?
    • Saraya took a break from social media for personal reasons, unrelated to any external influences or directives.
  • Was Bryan Danielson’s influence a factor in Saraya’s social media hiatus?
    • No, Saraya clarified that her decision to take a break from social media was not influenced by Bryan Danielson or any fines imposed within AEW.
  • What is Saraya’s current role in AEW?
    • Saraya is currently a member of The Outcasts with Ruby Soho in AEW.
  • Will Saraya be returning to social media?
    • Saraya has already returned to social media, as indicated by her recent tweets addressing the speculation around her hiatus.
  • How does Saraya’s decision impact her wrestling career?
    • Saraya’s decision to take a break and then return to social media does not directly impact her wrestling career, but it does influence her interaction with fans and her personal brand management.
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