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AEW star reveals SHOCKING health issues

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In a candid revelation that has taken the wrestling world by surprise, AEW star Serena Deeb has disclosed her struggle with a series of unprovoked seizures, a health issue that kept her away from the ring for a significant period.

This announcement puts to rest the swirling rumours about her absence being due to backstage disagreements.

Serena Deeb: AEW Star’s Health Battle

Serena Deeb, a prominent figure in AEW (All Elite Wrestling), had been noticeably absent from television for about a year.

While speculation was rife about potential backstage issues, Deeb recently took to Instagram to clarify the real reason behind her absence.

Since October of the previous year, she has experienced three unprovoked seizures, which have profoundly impacted her life and career.

The Struggle Behind the Scenes

Deeb’s health struggles have been a harrowing journey, filled with uncertainty and fear.

She shared her experiences of undergoing numerous tests and consultations with different doctors, who for a long time couldn’t pinpoint the cause of her seizures.

This period was not only challenging for her career but also brought a significant emotional toll.

Love for Wrestling, AEW and a Message of Hope

Despite her health challenges, Deeb’s passion for wrestling remained undiminished. She spoke about her deep love for the industry and her eagerness to return to the ring.

In her message, Deeb also reached out to others who might be experiencing similar health issues, offering solidarity and hope.

Her story is not just about her struggles but also about resilience and the support of the wrestling community.

A Triumphant Return

In a positive turn of events, Deeb’s recent consultation with her neurologist brought good news. She has fully recovered and received official clearance to resume wrestling.

This news marks a significant milestone in her journey and paves the way for her much-anticipated return to AEW.


  • What health issues did Serena Deeb face?
    • Serena Deeb experienced three unprovoked seizures since October of the previous year.
  • Did Serena Deeb have backstage issues in AEW?
    • No, her absence from AEW was due to her health issues, not backstage disagreements.
  • Has Serena Deeb recovered from her health issues?
    • Yes, she has fully recovered and received clearance to resume wrestling.
  • When did Serena Deeb make her AEW debut?
    • Serena Deeb made her AEW debut on September 2nd, 2020.
  • What is the significance of Serena Deeb’s return to AEW?
    • Her return is significant as it marks her triumph over serious health challenges and adds depth to the AEW roster.
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