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Sting mentions WCW legend on AEW Dynamite and gets BOOED heavily

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The world of professional wrestling witnessed a significant moment on October 18th, 2023, when the iconic wrestler Sting made a heartfelt announcement about his impending retirement.

However, it wasn’t the announcement itself that caught everyone’s attention, but rather a particular namedrop that led to a massive reaction from the audience.

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Sting: The Shocking Announcement

Sting, a legend in the wrestling world, took to the AEW Dynamite stage to share with fans that he would be retiring from professional wrestling at Revolution 2024.

While fans were already emotional about this revelation, it was a specific part of his speech that truly set the arena abuzz.

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The Name that Echoed and Boomed

During his retirement speech, the WCW legend took a moment to express gratitude to several figures from his illustrious career. Among names like Ric Flair, one name stood out and garnered a significant reaction – Hulk Hogan.

As soon as Sting mentioned Hogan, the Texas crowd responded with a chorus of boos, making their feelings about the WCW legend abundantly clear.

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Sting’s Unwavering Tribute

Despite the unexpected reaction from the crowd, Sting remained unfazed. He continued his tribute to Hulk Hogan, emphasising the importance of acknowledging the contributions of all those who played a part in his journey, regardless of the audience’s sentiments.

It was evident that for Sting, this moment was about expressing genuine gratitude and not pandering to popular opinions.

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The Power of a Name

The incident sheds light on the lasting impact of wrestling legends on fans. Even though Hulk Hogan wasn’t physically present, merely mentioning his name stirred strong emotions among the AEW audience. Whether it’s love or disdain, the legacies of these wrestling giants continue to influence the world of professional wrestling.

AEW’s Unpredictable Nature and Sting

AEW Dynamite has consistently delivered unexpected moments, and this incident is a testament to that.

While it’s unclear if Hulk Hogan will ever step foot in an AEW ring (but EXTREMELY unlikely), the mere mention of his name has proven that he remains a significant figure in the wrestling narrative.


  • What was the major announcement made by Sting on AEW Dynamite?
    • Sting announced his retirement from professional wrestling, set to take place at Revolution 2024.
  • Which WCW legend’s name did Sting mention during his speech?
    • Sting mentioned several names, but the mention of Hulk Hogan garnered a massive reaction from the audience.
  • How did the audience react to Hulk Hogan’s name?
    • The Texas crowd responded with a chorus of boos when Hulk Hogan’s name was mentioned.
  • Did Sting respond to the audience’s reaction?
    • Sting continued his tribute to Hulk Hogan, undeterred by the audience’s response.
  • Is Hulk Hogan joining AEW?
    • As of now, there’s no indication that Hulk Hogan will be joining AEW.
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