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Commentary legend to RETURN for the final Sting AEW match

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In a move that has sent ripples through the wrestling community, Jim Ross, the iconic voice of wrestling commentary, is set to return to the announcer’s table for AEW Revolution. This event marks a significant moment in wrestling history as it features the farewell match of Sting, a legend in his own right.

Jim Ross, affectionately known as JR, has been a staple in wrestling commentary for decades. His return to AEW Revolution is not just a professional commitment but a personal one.

In a recent episode of his podcast, JR expressed his enthusiasm for being part of Sting’s final match, a sentiment echoed by AEW President Tony Khan.

This collaboration underscores the respect and admiration that the wrestling world holds for Sting.

The Final Bout: Sting and Darby Allin vs. The Young Bucks

Sting’s last match, where he teams up with Darby Allin against The Young Bucks, is a fitting tribute to his illustrious career. JR, known for his insightful and passionate commentary, acknowledged the significance of this match.

Despite the inevitable scrutiny from social media, he praised The Young Bucks’ efforts to reinvent themselves and saw this match as an opportunity for a fresh start in the wrestling narrative.

JR’s Perspective on Sting’s Legacy

Discussing Sting’s undefeated streak in AEW, JR drew parallels with The Undertaker’s storyline at WrestleMania. He believes that Sting doesn’t need to lose to make an impact.

His preference for Sting in a tag team match highlights JR’s understanding of the dynamics of wrestling and the need to adapt to the physical realities of the sport, especially considering Sting’s age and legacy.

Jim Ross: Beyond AEW Revolution

As JR approaches a pivotal moment in his own career, his contract with AEW set to expire in February 2024, he remains committed to the industry.

His desire to continue with AEW reflects his passion for wrestling and his belief in the company’s direction.


  • Who is Jim Ross?
    • Jim Ross, often called JR, is a renowned wrestling commentator known for his long-standing career in the industry.
  • What is the significance of AEW Revolution?
    • AEW Revolution is significant as it features Sting’s farewell match, marking the end of an era in wrestling.
  • Who are Sting and Darby Allin facing at AEW Revolution?
    • Sting and Darby Allin will face The Young Bucks in Sting’s final match.
  • What did JR say about Sting’s undefeated streak?
    • JR compared Sting’s streak to The Undertaker’s at WrestleMania, suggesting that Sting doesn’t need to lose to make an impact.
  • What is the future of Jim Ross with AEW?
    • As of now, JR hopes to continue with AEW beyond his current contract, which expires in February 2024.
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