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AEW Star Pushing for MAJOR Free Agent to Join the Company

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, alliances and rivalries are as much a part of the sport outside the ring as they are within it. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) has been making waves in the wrestling community, not just for its high-octane matches but also for its strategic signings.

One such potential acquisition is making headlines, thanks to the advocacy of AEW star Swerve Strickland.

Swerve Strickland’s Mentorship with Sami Callihan

Swerve Strickland, whose star has been on the rise within AEW, recently expressed his desire to see his mentor, Sami Callihan, join the ranks of AEW in an interview with Grapsody.

Callihan, a prominent figure in the wrestling circuit and a free agent since October 1st, has been a significant influence on Strickland’s career.

Strickland’s respect for Callihan is evident as he credits him for being a pivotal part of his journey, especially during his successful run on the independent circuit: “Of course, I want to go after that guy [Callihan]. That’s my mentor. I faced a lot of my mentors in the past in my career. Rey Mysterio was a big mentor to me back in Lucha Underground, Sami Callihan, when I had a really hot run on the indies and stuff. Sami was a big part of that.

“He’s a free agent out there, I hope to see him in AEW or wherever you want to go. I just want him to prosper in this business for a long time. He deserves that, brilliant mind” Swerve revealed.

The Potential AEW Impact

Strickland’s public endorsement comes at a time when AEW is gearing up for major events like Full Gear and looking to bolster its roster.

The addition of a seasoned wrestler like Callihan could bring a wealth of experience and a fresh dynamic to the company.

Strickland, who recently secured a victory over Adam Page and is scheduled for a rematch, seems to be looking at the bigger picture for AEW’s growth and the prosperity of his mentor in the wrestling world.

Jon Moxley’s Support for Callihan

Strickland isn’t alone in his sentiments. Jon Moxley, a long-time friend and former tag team partner of Callihan, is also reportedly advocating for AEW’s top brass to bring Callihan on board.

This kind of support from high-profile wrestlers could significantly influence the decision-making process within AEW’s management.

Callihan’s Free Agency and Viral Moments

Since becoming a free agent, Callihan has remained in the spotlight, recently going viral for an interaction with actor Jason Segel at an independent wrestling event.

Such moments keep Callihan relevant and demonstrate his ability to engage with the audience, a trait that AEW values highly in its talent.

The Future of the AEW Roster

AEW’s approach to recruitment has always been strategic, focusing on wrestlers who can contribute to the company’s narrative and brand.

With Strickland and Moxley’s backing, Callihan could very well be the next big name to join AEW, bringing his unique style and charisma to an already impressive lineup.


  • Who is Swerve Strickland?
    • Swerve Strickland is a professional wrestler currently signed with AEW.
  • Who is Sami Callihan?
    • Sami Callihan is a professional wrestler and a free agent as of October 1, known for his time in various wrestling promotions, including IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Why does Swerve Strickland want Sami Callihan in AEW?
    • Strickland sees Callihan as a mentor and believes he would be a valuable addition to AEW, contributing to both his and the company’s success.
  • Has anyone else in AEW shown support for Sami Callihan?
    • Yes, Jon Moxley, a former tag team partner of Callihan, has also been reported to be pushing for AEW to sign him.
  • What makes Sami Callihan a significant potential signing for AEW?
    • Callihan’s experience, popularity, and the support from current AEW stars make him a significant potential signing for the company.
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