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The Rock: AEW star reveals if comparisons ‘bother’ them

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A top All Elite Wrestling star recently discussed if the comparisons between them and The Rock tend to ‘bother’ them.

Ricky Starks, who is the reigning FTW Champion in AEW and a member of Team Taz, recently spoke to The PWI Podcast about the similarities.

‘The only thing that bothers me is when people say that I’m trying to actively copy The Rock, ya know?’ Starks revealed.

‘With the way I dress and all this other dumb sh*t, it does piss me off because I’m not’¦ I never came into wrestling trying to copy The Rock, I’ve never studied The Rock’s promos to try and do what he does” Starks added.

“Everything that I do, it comes from my head and how I feel and how I look” the FTW Champion emphatically stated.

Ricky Starks on The Rock comparisons

‘So, when I hear people say that and discredit my originality, it does bother me a bit. I think the issue is that some people, even outside of wrestling fans, they’re so close-minded that they can’t understand that there’s individuality in certain people and because of the way that I dress, they liken it to the way The Rock used to dress.

“Like ya’ll, The Rock isn’t the only guy that knows how to dress, they’re so used to people in Basketball shorts and in their own merchandise shirts that they can’t fathom somebody coming on-screen dressing in a turtleneck and some nice slacks, ya know what I’m saying?” Ricky Starks concluded.

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