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Former AEW Women’s Champion claims she is READY to return following injury

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In a recent revelation that has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, Thunder Rosa, the former AEW Women’s Champion, has declared her readiness to make a triumphant return to the ring.

After a hiatus due to a back injury, her announcement has been eagerly anticipated by fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Thunder Rosa’s Injury Setback in AEW

Thunder Rosa’s journey in the wrestling world faced a significant setback in August 2023. A back injury forced her to step away from the limelight and focus on her recovery.

The wrestling community watched with bated breath, hoping for her swift return. And now, after months of rehabilitation and hard work, Rosa has declared herself fit and ready to get back into action.

The Anticipation Builds on Social Media

Taking to her Twitter account, Thunder Rosa not only confirmed her readiness to return but also expressed her desire to face off against CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer.

In her tweet, she addressed the rumours and questions surrounding her comeback and potential matchups. Rosa’s tweet hinted at a possible face-off with Stephanie Vaquer, a match that would undoubtedly be a treat for wrestling fans.

The tweet read, “Rumors and Questions. Everyone has questions. My answer is I AM READY. @Steph_Vaquer for you my respect and friendship, you are one of the best, but there is no greater respect than colliding in the ring. That is immortality. All that remains to be resolved is when and where. In #Mexico or in #EstadosUnidos, in @AEW or in @CMLL_OFICIAL.”

What’s Next for Thunder Rosa?

While the exact details of her return are yet to be confirmed, one thing is clear: Thunder Rosa is back and ready to reclaim her spot at the top.

Whether it’s in AEW, CMLL, or any other promotion, fans can expect to see the same passion, dedication, and skill that made her a champion in the first place.


  • Who is Thunder Rosa?
    • Thunder Rosa is a professional wrestler and former AEW Women’s Champion.
  • Why was Thunder Rosa away from wrestling?
    • She suffered a back injury in August 2023 which kept her out of action.
  • Has Thunder Rosa officially announced her return?
    • Yes, she took to Twitter to confirm her readiness to return to the ring.
  • Who does Thunder Rosa want to face in her return match?
    • She has expressed a desire to face off against CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer.
  • Where can fans expect to see Thunder Rosa next?
    • The exact details are yet to be confirmed, but she hinted at a possible match in either Mexico or the United States, in AEW or CMLL.
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