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Tony Khan blamed for AEW fight involving CM Punk

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All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan has been blamed by a WWE legend for causing the fight between CM Punk and The Young Bucks/Kenny Omega.

Speaking on the Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, Dutch Mantell explained why he sees Khan as the one to blame for the ALL OUT altercation.

“Well, Tony worked himself into a shoot here, that’s what they did. He let that locker room dissent fester and fester, and fester” Mantell said.

Tony Khan blamed for AEW incident

“Then it finally come up into this big blister, and all it needed was a little pr*ck and it’s going to go everywhere. And that’s what happens” Dutch added.

“As far as your executive vice presidents storming into a room beating a door down, that’s not possible. Those doors are storm doors, you can’t beat them down” Mantell explained.

“They may kick the hell out of it’¦and I’m sure they would come in, they weren’t quiet like, ’˜We need to talk to you.’ They probably came in ready to fight” Mantell concluded.

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