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Tony Khan apparently REALLY wants to keep AEW star

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, talent retention is as crucial as the matches themselves.

AEW President Tony Khan‘s keen interest in retaining star wrestler Daniel Garcia has recently come to light, highlighting the importance of talent management in the industry.

AEW News: Tony Khan’s Admiration for Daniel Garcia

AEW commentator Kevin Kelly, in a recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Live, shed light on the high regard Tony Khan holds for Daniel Garcia.

As Garcia approaches the end of his contract, the spotlight intensifies on his future with AEW. Kelly emphasised Khan’s admiration for Garcia, stating, “I know that Tony Khan loves him. I know that Tony Khan is going to do whatever he could to keep him.”

This statement underscores the value Khan places on Garcia’s skills and his determination to ensure Garcia remains a part of AEW’s roster.

The wrestling world often sees high-profile negotiations and contract renewals, but Khan’s specific interest in Garcia signifies a deeper appreciation for his talents.

AEW News: Daniel Garcia’s Contract Year and Future Prospects

Garcia’s current contract year is pivotal, not just for him but for AEW’s strategy moving forward.

Kelly highlighted the significance of this period for Garcia, saying, “He’s in a contract year. He knows that this is a time for him to really prove he can make a lot of money and be a valuable asset in the world of professional wrestling.”

The focus is not just on retaining Garcia but also on his worth and future role within AEW. The coming months are crucial for Garcia to demonstrate his value and for AEW to decide how they envision his role in the coming years.


  • Who is Tony Khan? Tony Khan is the President of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and a prominent figure in professional wrestling.
  • What is the significance of Daniel Garcia’s contract year? Garcia’s contract year is important as it determines his future with AEW and his value in the professional wrestling market.
  • How does Tony Khan view Daniel Garcia? Tony Khan highly values Daniel Garcia’s talent and is keen on retaining him in AEW.
  • What does the future hold for Daniel Garcia in AEW? Garcia’s future in AEW depends on the negotiations and his performance during his contract year, with a strong indication of AEW’s interest in keeping him.
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