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Tony Khan slates detractors of AEW’s video games investment

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AEW President Tony Khan recently discussed the major investment that he has put into AEW Games and the many detractors who have said it will affect the company substantially.

It was recently revealed that AEW has put ‘8 figures’ into the gaming division, meaning that they’re in the red for this calendar year monetarily. Despite this, Tony Khan is extremely positive about the investment in gaming and showed in a recent interview with PWInsider that he was more than willing to take gamble on the division.

“I’ve made this huge investment into video games and it’s comical to me that anybody would try to pull it” Tony Khan began during the interview

“It goes to show that I think people will try and take a negative out of a positive sometimes because this is a hugely positive thing. Our wrestling company is very profitable” Khan added.

“I’ve made this huge investment into video games”

Tony Khan

“[It’s] the only reason I won’t net money this year on AEW in our second full year of operations” Tony Khan revealed, discussing how the video games division has taken a big chunk of change to get going.

“Which is pretty amazing, frankly, for a startup that has had the level of investment that we’ve had behind AEW and the amount of time that this has been going, that we’ll be significantly profitable already as a venture.”

Will the AEW game be like No Mercy 64?

AEW recently revealed some in-game footage of Darby Allin for their console wrestling game that is being developed by Yukes. It has been confirmed that the classic No Mercy game on the Nintendo 64 is the influence for the new All Elite game, as this is still considered by many to be the pinnacle of pro wrestling video games.

WWE SmackDown Shut Your Mouth for the PS2 is also considered a top classic, although No Mercy seems to appeal more to fans of the WWF Attitude Era.

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