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Tony Khan THROWS MORE SHADE at WWE after AEW Dynamite head-to-head

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The wrestling world is no stranger to rivalries, both inside and outside the ring. This week, the spotlight was on Tony Khan, the president of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as he took a not-so-subtle jab at WWE’s Shawn Michaels and his booking decisions.

AEW Dynamite recently showcased their ‘Title Tuesday’ episode of AEW Dynamite, which went head-to-head against NXT on the same night.

The two wrestling giants went head-to-head, and it’s clear that Tony Khan was keeping a close eye on the competition. He didn’t seem particularly impressed with what Shawn Michaels brought to the table for NXT.

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Tony Khan: Reaction to Shawn Michaels’ Booking

A fan-generated AI image of Shawn Michaels holding a ‘Booker of the Year’ plaque made waves on social media. This image, which portrayed Michaels as the top wrestling booker, caught Tony Khan’s attention.

Khan, who takes immense pride in his booking prowess, couldn’t resist responding. He was quoted saying, “Actually I’m pretty sure that last night blew whatever chance he had at winning that award.”

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Tony Khan’s Confidence in AEW

Tony Khan’s recent remarks are a testament to his confidence in AEW and its ability to compete with, if not overshadow, WWE.

By openly critiquing a wrestling legend like Shawn Michaels, Khan is making a bold statement about AEW’s position in the wrestling world.

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  • What sparked Tony Khan’s recent comments about WWE?
    • A fan-made AI image of Shawn Michaels holding a ‘Booker of the Year’ plaque caught Khan’s attention, leading to his remarks.
  • What is AEW Dynamite’s ‘Title Tuesday’?
    • It’s a special show introduced by AEW Dynamite, which recently went head-to-head with WWE NXT.
  • Has Tony Khan commented on WWE before?
    • Yes, Khan has been known to voice his opinions on WWE and its decisions, showcasing his confidence in AEW.
  • Who is Tony Khan?
    • Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What was Shawn Michaels’ role in the recent WWE NXT show?
    • Shawn Michaels was responsible for the booking decisions for WWE NXT.

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