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Tony Khan makes a MASSIVE claim about Toni Storm

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In a recent episode of the “Going Ringside” podcast, Tony Khan, the President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), expressed immense admiration for Toni Storm, the reigning AEW Women’s World Champion.

Khan, known for his straightforward opinions on wrestling talents, described Storm as “one of my all-time favourite wrestlers,” a statement that has resonated strongly within the wrestling community.

Tony Khan: Praise for Toni Storm

Khan’s praise for Storm wasn’t just a fleeting comment; it was a profound acknowledgement of her unique character and in-ring abilities. He elaborated on her persona, likening her to a “silent film star from maybe the 1930s,” drawing parallels with iconic actresses like Gloria Swanson in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and Bette Davis in ‘All About Eve’.

This comparison not only highlights Storm’s wrestling prowess but also her ability to captivate audiences with her character work.

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Toni Storm’s Impact in AEW

Since joining AEW, Toni Storm has made a significant impact. Her style, which Khan admires, blends classic wrestling techniques with a modern flair, making her a standout performer in the women’s division.

Her rise to the top as the AEW Women’s World Champion is a testament to her skill and the unique presence she brings to the ring.


  • Who is Toni Storm? Toni Storm is a professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is the reigning AEW Women’s World Champion.
  • Why did Tony Khan praise Toni Storm? Tony Khan praised Toni Storm for her unique character, likening her to a silent film star, and for her exceptional wrestling skills.
  • What did Tony Khan say about Toni Storm? Tony Khan called Toni Storm “one of my all-time favourite wrestlers” and praised her character and in-ring abilities.
  • What is the significance of Khan’s comments? Khan’s comments are significant as they come from the president of AEW and highlight Storm’s potential as a leading figure in professional wrestling.
  • How has Toni Storm impacted AEW? Toni Storm has made a significant impact in AEW with her unique wrestling style and character work, rising to become the AEW Women’s World Champion.
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