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Former WWE Superstar was “incredibly close” to signing with AEW

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the journey of a wrestler often takes unexpected turns. This was certainly the case for former WWE star Trent Seven, who recently revealed his near-signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Seven’s revelation comes in the wake of the closure of WWE NXT UK, a brand that saw him emerge as a key figure.

Trent Seven: Journey Post-WWE

After WWE NXT UK ended in August 2022, Trent Seven found himself among the many wrestlers released from the company.

This turn of events led Seven to explore opportunities across various promotions in the United Kingdom, namely Revolution Pro.

The AEW Opportunity

Seven’s interaction with AEW wasn’t just a fleeting moment. He wrestled two matches for the promotion last year, which sparked discussions about a potential signing.

In a candid conversation with Cultaholic, Seven disclosed how close he was to inking a deal with AEW. He expressed that at one point, the possibility of joining AEW was “incredibly close,” but circumstances didn’t align.

This missed opportunity, however, doesn’t overshadow his achievements and experiences over the past 15 months, which he views with pride.

Finding a New Home outside of WWE

Seven recently signed a contract with TNA Wrestling, ahead of their upcoming relaunch in early 2024.

This new chapter in his career symbolises a fresh start and a sense of belonging, something every wrestler aspires to achieve if they’re released from the “big leagues.”

The Impact on AEW and WWE

The wrestling world is often a carousel of talent, with wrestlers moving between promotions. Seven’s near-move to AEW and eventual signing with TNA Wrestling highlight the fluid nature of wrestling contracts and the opportunities that arise in this ever-changing landscape.

For AEW, missing out on Seven might have been a missed opportunity to add a seasoned wrestler to their roster. For WWE, it’s another instance of a talented wrestler hopefully finding success outside their realm.


  • Who is Trent Seven?
    • Trent Seven is a professional wrestler, known for his time in WWE’s NXT UK brand.
  • Why didn’t Trent Seven sign with AEW?
    • While he was incredibly close to signing with AEW, circumstances and decisions within the promotion led to the opportunity not materializing.
  • Where has Trent Seven signed post-WWE?
    • Trent Seven has recently signed a contract with TNA Wrestling.
  • What does Trent Seven’s story signify in professional wrestling?
    • His story highlights the unpredictable nature of wrestling careers and the resilience required to navigate this dynamic industry.
  • How did Trent Seven feel about his career post-WWE?
    • He expressed pride in his journey over the past 15 months, acknowledging both the highs and lows he experienced.
  • What impact does Seven’s near-signing with AEW have?
    • It underscores the fluid nature of wrestling contracts and the constant shifting of talent between promotions.
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