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AEW star appearing for IMPACT Wrestling

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In a thrilling development for wrestling fans, El Hijo Del Vikingo, a prominent star from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is set to make a remarkable return to IMPACT Wrestling.

This move marks a significant crossover between two of the most dynamic wrestling promotions in the industry.

El Hijo Del Vikingo: A Rising Star in AEW

Since his debut in AEW, El Hijo Del Vikingo has captivated audiences with his exceptional in-ring skills and charismatic presence.

His first appearance against Kenny Omega in March 2023 left fans awestruck, and he has since become a regular fixture on AEW TV.

Vikingo, who holds the title of AAA Mega Champion, has faced off against several notable wrestlers, including Komander and Penta El Zero Miedo, showcasing his versatility and prowess in the ring.

Vikingo’s Impactful History with IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling announced that Vikingo would be appearing on the December 7 edition of IMPACT on AXS TV, which is being filmed in Mexico.

This appearance is not Vikingo’s first in the IMPACT Wrestling ring. His last match in IMPACT was a memorable victory, and fans have eagerly awaited his return.

The announcement was accompanied by a video highlighting Vikingo’s previous performances in IMPACT Wrestling, further heightening the anticipation for his upcoming appearance.

Vikingo’s Recent AEW Achievements

Vikingo’s recent activities in AEW have been nothing short of spectacular. His last match on the December 2 episode of AEW Collision saw him emerge victorious over Kip Sabian. Sabian, prior to the bout, had provocatively labelled Vikingo as “the most overrated wrestler on the AEW roster,” a statement that Vikingo disproved with his performance.

His participation in AEW has been marked by a series of high-profile matches that have solidified his status as a top-tier wrestler.


  • Who is El Hijo Del Vikingo?
    • El Hijo Del Vikingo is a professional wrestler currently holding the AAA Mega Champion title and known for his performances in AEW.
  • When will Vikingo appear in IMPACT Wrestling?
    • Vikingo is scheduled to appear on the December 7 edition of IMPACT on AXS TV.
  • Has Vikingo competed in IMPACT Wrestling before?
    • Yes, Vikingo has previously competed in IMPACT Wrestling, with his last match being a notable victory.
  • What is Vikingo’s status in All Elite Wrestling?
    • Vikingo is an active and prominent wrestler in AEW, having faced several high-profile opponents.
  • Why is Vikingo’s return to IMPACT significant?
    • Vikingo’s return signifies the collaborative nature of modern wrestling promotions and offers fans a chance to see a top AEW star in the IMPACT Wrestling environment.
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