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Wardlow reveals his status following apparent INJURY on AEW Dynamite

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In a recent turn of events that had fans on the edge of their seats, former TNT Champion Wardlow has addressed concerns regarding his physical condition after an alarming incident on the January 31 episode of AEW Dynamite.

Competing against Komander in what was expected to be a routine singles match, Wardlow experienced a momentary scare that left viewers questioning the extent of his well-being.

AEW News: The Incident in Question

The match took an unexpected turn when Wardlow, known for his formidable strength and in-ring prowess, was executing a powerbomb on Komander.

It was at this juncture that his knee seemingly faltered, leading to speculation about a serious injury. Despite this setback, Wardlow demonstrated his resilience by completing the match and securing a victory over Komander, albeit with a noticeable limp.

AEW News: Wardlow’s Response to the Injury Scare

Addressing the concerns head-on, Wardlow took to social media to reassure fans and followers about his condition.

In a display of characteristic confidence, he stated, “A normal man’s knee would be ruined. I’m no normal man. I’m still coming for the heavyweight title. And there’s nothing and no one that can stop me. Knee is just fine.”

This statement not only served to alleviate worries about his immediate health but also reaffirmed his unwavering determination to continue his pursuit of wrestling excellence.

AEW News: Implications for Future Matches

Wardlow’s swift response and positive outlook following the incident are indicative of his commitment to maintaining a top-tier status within All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

His ability to brush off what could have been a debilitating injury speaks volumes about his physical condition and mental fortitude.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how this experience impacts his approach to future matches and whether it will in any way deter his path to claiming the heavyweight title.


  • What happened to Wardlow on AEW Dynamite?
    • Wardlow experienced a knee scare while performing a powerbomb on Komander but managed to finish the match.
  • Is Wardlow injured?
    • Despite the scare, Wardlow has confirmed that his knee is fine and he is not seriously injured.
  • Will Wardlow continue to wrestle?
    • Yes, Wardlow has made it clear that he intends to continue his pursuit of the heavyweight title and that nothing will stop him.
  • How did Wardlow respond to concerns about his injury?
    • Wardlow reassured fans via Twitter, stating that his knee is fine and emphasizing his resilience and determination.
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