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NEW AEW signees status for Revolution REVEALED

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest update on Will Ospreay, the newest addition to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Ospreay, who made a surprise debut at Full Gear 2023, has been a topic of much speculation regarding his role in the upcoming AEW Revolution.

Fans can now look forward to seeing him in action as his participation has been confirmed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

AEW News: Ospreay’s Journey to AEW Revolution

After fulfilling his prior commitments, Ospreay is set to become a regular feature on AEW television starting in February. His journey to AEW has been one of anticipation and excitement.

With a unique contract that offers him special freedom, Ospreay’s move to AEW was a decision that, in his words, “simply worked out.”

AEW News: Revolution in Greensboro: A New Arena for Ospreay

The AEW Revolution pay-per-view, scheduled for March 3rd, 2024, in Greensboro, is set to be a landmark event. Not only will it feature Sting’s retirement match against The Young Bucks, but it will also mark Ospreay’s full-time entry into AEW.

His debut at this event is highly anticipated, with fans eager to see what the ‘Aerial Assassin’ brings to the AEW arena.

What to Expect from Ospreay at AEW

Ospreay’s reputation as a high-flying, dynamic wrestler precedes him. His addition to the AEW roster is expected to bring fresh energy and style to the matches.

Fans are particularly excited about the potential matchups and rivalries that could emerge with his full-time presence.


  1. Who is Will Ospreay?
    • Will Ospreay is a professional wrestler known for his high-flying style and dynamic in-ring abilities.
  2. When will Ospreay start appearing regularly on AEW?
    • Ospreay is expected to start appearing regularly on AEW television from February 2024.
  3. What is the date and location for AEW Revolution 2024?
    • AEW Revolution 2024 is scheduled for March 3rd, 2024, in Greensboro.
  4. What makes Ospreay’s contract with AEW unique?
    • Ospreay’s contract with AEW reportedly offers him special freedom, aligning with his career goals and aspirations.
  5. What can fans expect from Ospreay at AEW?
    • Fans can expect high-energy, acrobatic performances, and potentially exciting new rivalries and matchups.
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