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Big non-AEW name booked for All IN London

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Will Ospreay is ALL IN.

Fans are already anticipating big things from the upcoming AEW UK show. The company has sold over 60,000 tickets for the PPV at Wembley Stadium in London. The event is scheduled to take place on August 23.

With such a huge expected turn out, the company will have to put on a great show to send fans home happy. It appears they have already made their first move towards it.

Will Ospreay at All In

Will Ospreay previously talked about wanting to be part of the AEW show and said that it would mean a lot. Now Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline is reporting that the former IWGP Champion has already been booked for ALL IN 2023:

‘Will Ospreay, as of a couple days ago, was booked on the show. I do not know his opponent, I do not know the match but he was booked on the show.’

Meltzer went in detail to explain how Ospreay is a big name in UK and his presence will help the London show:

‘For the UK ratings, the biggest series of events ’“ not every single week ’“ was last year when they were building up Forbidden Door and Will Ospreay was on the show. That was really a peak of UK ratings. There were a couple of times that they beat that later but not on a consistent basis and that was also with a move to a better time slot. But in that bad time slot, that was the high point.’

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Martin MacDonald