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WWE Hall of Famer slams ‘horrible’ AEW production

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WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg(Brian James) recently shared his honest take on AEW programming. However, he hailed WWE’s programming while drawing a comparison between the two.

Road Dogg is not happy with AEW programming

AEW was formed back in 2019 and created a lot of buzz in the pro-wrestling world. Stars like Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho have also joined the Jacksonville-based promotion and established the promotion as the new competitor of WWE.

Road Dogg has been working in independent promotions lately and has been vocal about being open to joining either of the companies.

Despite the many pros of AEW, Road Dogg has expressed his criticism multiple times. In a recent appearance on the Keepin’ It 100, the WWE Hall of Famer had the following to say:

The production of the show is horrible. I have been very, very open to saying that. From a television point of view, and you can not like me for saying it, you can not like me for whatever you want to not like me for, but WWE is good TV. I think you could bring, I know I could bring, that good TV and execute it from a production and a camera standpoint to them. I just think they have too many people.”
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Bishal Roy