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WWE Legend DEFENDS AEW Collision Ratings

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, ratings are often a hot topic of debate among fans and insiders alike. Recently, WWE legend Kevin Nash weighed in on the discussion surrounding the ratings for AEW Collision.

Despite the challenges posed by competing sports broadcasts, Nash maintains a positive outlook on AEW’s performance.

Kevin Nash’s Take on AEW Collision Ratings

Kevin Nash, a name that resonates with wrestling aficionados, recently shared his thoughts on his podcast “Kliq This”. He addressed the ratings for AEW Collision, which have been a subject of scrutiny. Nash pointed out that despite going head-to-head with major college football games on several networks, AEW Collision managed to pull in half a million views. He expressed his disdain for the negative spin people often put on such achievements, highlighting the fact that even the World Series faced its lowest viewership.

AEW Collision: The Competition Factor

The timing of AEW Collision coincides with a packed sports schedule, including prime-time college football games across major networks like CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

This stiff competition is a significant factor to consider when evaluating the ratings of a wrestling event. Nash’s perspective suggests that AEW’s ability to still draw a substantial audience amidst such competition is commendable:

“They [AEW] still did a half million views. People are such a*sholes, [saying] ‘It was against the World Series,’ and then in the next paragraph the guy goes, ‘It was the least viewed World Series game ever.’ They’ve always got something.”

AEW’s Steady Presence in Wrestling

AEW has established itself as a formidable presence in the wrestling world. Its ability to attract viewers despite simultaneous high-profile sports events is indicative of a loyal fan base and a strong brand.

Nash’s defence of AEW’s ratings is a testament to the company’s resilience and the quality of entertainment it provides to wrestling fans.


  • What did Kevin Nash say about AEW Collision’s ratings?
    • Kevin Nash said that AEW Collision’s ratings aren’t bad, considering it still drew half a million views despite competing with major sports broadcasts.
  • Why is AEW Collision’s viewership significant?
    • AEW Collision’s viewership is significant because it demonstrates the brand’s ability to attract a dedicated audience even when up against high-profile sports events.
  • Who is Vladimir Abouzeide?
    • Vladimir Abouzeide is a WWE “superfan” known for his presence at live events and his infectious enthusiasm, recently featured in a documentary.
  • How does Kevin Nash view the role of superfans in wrestling?
    • Kevin Nash views superfans as a vital part of the wrestling community, contributing to the atmosphere and spirit of live events with their passion and support.
  • What challenges did AEW Collision face regarding its ratings?
    • AEW Collision faced the challenge of competing with a slew of college football games and other sports broadcasts for viewership.
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