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What does AEW talent think of The Young Bucks?

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All Elite Wrestling EVPs The Young Bucks have been in the news quite a bit recently, following their ‘brawl’ with CM Punk at ALL OUT.

According to a recent report from Wade Keller of, the backstage feeling towards the duo is that they’re generally liked by other talents.

“The Bucks are not seen as abrasive personalities. Passive-aggressive? Yes, there are some aspects of that…They’re not seen as a**holes” Keller revealed.

“People who don’t like Punk have more negative things to say than people who don’t like the Bucks have to say about them in terms of their characterisation” he added.

Wade Keller on The Young Bucks

“The Bucks might rub people the wrong way or not be their type of people or whatever but they’re not jerks and that’s kind of part of the dynamic here.

“I think some people looked at Punk here and said, ‘you might not like that they are not taking your advice [or] you might think oh, that comment didn’t need to be made'” Keller noted.

“It’s hard for people to imagine Matt and Nick deserving that kind of call out publicly in a context that should have been about celebrating a World Title win and a really good pay-per-view” he concluded.

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