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AEW tag team undergoing MAJOR change soon

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The latest buzz from AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is about The Young Bucks, a tag team that has been at the forefront of the tag team division.

Following recent developments at AEW Full Gear 2023, it seems that The Young Bucks are on the cusp of a significant transformation.

The pivotal moment came during the AEW Full Gear 2023 pay-per-view event. The Young Bucks, comprising Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson, faced off against The Golden Jets (Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega). In a high-stakes match, The Bucks put their AEW World Tag Team Title shot on the line, with the added stipulation that if Jericho and Omega lost, they would have to disband.

However, the outcome was not in favour of The Young Bucks. They suffered a defeat by pinfall, leading to a surprising reaction from the duo. Post-match, Matt and Nick displayed uncharacteristic behaviour, throwing a fit, which was a departure from their usual demeanour from recent months.

The AEW Heel Turn: A New Chapter

Reports from Fightful Select indicate that The Young Bucks are planning to turn heel, a shift that has been hinted at through their recent change in attitude on AEW television.

This heel turn is not just a mere change in character but signifies a deeper strategic shift in their wrestling personas.

Brandon Cutler, a close associate of The Young Bucks, has announced that the duo will be “taking time away from wrestling.” This statement, coupled with the request for privacy, adds to the intrigue surrounding their future.

Cutler is also set to continue with The Young Bucks and turn heel, along with at least one other wrestler. He will act as the mouthpiece for Matt and Nick, both on TV and social media.

The Role of ‘Being the Elite’ on AEW storytelling

The popular web series ‘Being the Elite,’ closely associated with The Young Bucks, is also expected to play a role in this transition.

The series, known for its behind-the-scenes insights and humorous take on wrestling, might adopt a different format to align with The Young Bucks’ new heel personas.


  • What is a heel turn in wrestling? A heel turn refers to a wrestler changing their character from a ‘good guy’ (face) to a ‘bad guy’ (heel), often involving a change in tactics, attitude, and interactions with the audience.
  • Who are The Young Bucks? The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, are a popular tag team in AEW known for their energetic style and innovative moves.
  • What happened at AEW Full Gear 2023? At AEW Full Gear 2023, The Young Bucks lost a match against The Golden Jets, leading to a potential heel turn.
  • Will The Young Bucks continue wrestling? As per recent reports, The Young Bucks are taking some time away from wrestling, but they are expected to return with a new heel persona.
  • What is the significance of this change for AEW? This change could significantly impact AEW’s tag team division, introducing new storylines and rivalries.
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