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WWE Legend LOVES new Young Bucks character in AEW

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, characters evolve and storylines shift, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Recently, The Young Bucks, a popular tag team in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), have undergone a significant character transformation, and it’s caught the attention of WWE legend Bully Ray.

Speaking on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Bully Ray expressed his admiration for the Young Bucks’ new heel personas.

AEW News: Bully Ray’s Take on the Young Bucks’ Transformation

Bully Ray, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry, is no stranger to character development and the nuances of audience engagement.

His comments on the Young Bucks’ latest character shift were both insightful and complimentary. He described the duo as “snarky d*uchenozzles,” terms that might seem harsh but are actually a nod to their effective heel turn.

Bully Ray appreciates their new demeanour, acknowledging both his personal and professional admiration for Nick and Matt Jackson, the real names behind the Young Bucks.

AEW News: The Impact of Character Evolution in Wrestling

The Young Bucks, known for their high-flying and innovative in-ring style, have recently started referring to themselves as “Matthew” and “Nicolas” instead of their usual monikers, Matt and Nick Jackson.

This subtle change is part of their new heel persona, which Bully Ray believes will resonate strongly with audiences.

He anticipates that fans will love to hate the new version of the Young Bucks, hoping they get booed out of the building every night – a sign of success for any heel in professional wrestling.


  • Who are the Young Bucks?
    • The Young Bucks are a professional wrestling tag team, consisting of brothers Matt and Nick Jackson, known for their work in AEW.
  • What did Bully Ray say about the Young Bucks?
    • Bully Ray praised the Young Bucks’ new heel personas, describing them as “snarky do*chenozzles” and expressing his enjoyment of their character evolution.
  • Why is the character change significant?
    • Character evolution is crucial in wrestling for keeping storylines fresh and engaging the audience. The Young Bucks’ shift to a heel persona represents a significant change in their wrestling narrative.
  • What is Bully Ray’s background?
    • Bully Ray is a WWE legend and a respected figure in the wrestling industry, known for his in-depth understanding of character development and audience engagement.
  • How have the Young Bucks changed their names?
    • The Young Bucks have started referring to themselves as “Matthew” and “Nicolas,” a change from their usual names, Matt and Nick Jackson, to fit their new heel characters.
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