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REAL REASON behind absence of top AEW stars

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The Young Bucks are ready to leave some things behind in order to make a ‘major Impact.’

The duo of Nick and Matt Jackson lost a tag team match to The Golden Jets at Full Gear. They had been showing Heel-ish tactics before this match and it appears that the loss will be used to complete this heel turn.

After their match at Full Gear, Brandon Cutler announced on Twitter that the Bucks will be taking some time off from wrestling. He then revealed that the duo were ‘finished’ with Being The Elite.

Young Bucks to make major impact

Many thought at that point that The Young Bucks will not be appearing on Being The Elite for some time. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer is now reporting, however, that the series as a whole has officially ended:

“We’ll write more about it this coming week, but BTE is not on hiatus, it’s actually done. As of this point in time, there are no plans to bring it back,”

Meltzer also provided some more update on the future of the duo. He noted that their hiatus will play into their heel turn. The Bucks are expected to lead a faction and make a ‘major impact’ when they return to AEW programming:

“Colt Cabana’s name has been mentioned but that doesn’t appear to be a certainty. The idea is for them to take some time off and come back as heels with major impact. It’s in the beginning stages and there’s no known time frame on when they will pull the trigger on it and they will return.”

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Martin MacDonald