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AEW Star Has Been REMOVED from the Roster Page

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In a surprising turn of events, Zack Clayton, who had previously been a bit part feature on AEW programming, is no longer listed on the company’s official roster page. This development has led to speculation and discussions among fans and experts alike.

Zack Clayton made his presence felt in All Elite Wrestling when he announced on an episode of AEW Dark last October that he had secured a deal with the company.

His journey, however, was relatively short-lived. Clayton’s most notable match on television was a brief 14-second FTW Championship bout against HOOK, which took place during the Rampage taping on August 17th, 2022.

Following this, Clayton’s appearances were primarily on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation. However, these shows were eventually canceled, leading Clayton to transition to ROH (Ring of Honor). His last known match in ROH was against the former ROH World Champion, Dalton Castle, on July 29, during the ROH television tapings.

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AEW star Zack Clayton: Speculations Surrounding His Departure

The removal of Zack Clayton’s profile from AEW’s roster page on their official website hints at the possibility that his contract with the company might have come to an end.

Given that he announced his signing with All Elite in October of the previous year, it’s plausible that he had a one-year contract, which has now expired.

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What’s Next for Zack Clayton outside of AEW?

While the exact reasons for Clayton’s departure from AEW remain unclear, his talent and skills are undeniable.

Whether he chooses to continue his journey in ROH, explore opportunities in other wrestling promotions, or perhaps even venture outside of the wrestling world, fans are eager to see what the future holds for him.

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  • Who is Zack Clayton?
    • Zack Clayton is a professional wrestler who had been associated with AEW and later with ROH.
  • When did Zack Clayton join All Elite?
    • He announced his association with AEW in an episode of Dark in October of the previous year.
  • Why was Zack Clayton removed from the roster page?
    • While the exact reasons are not confirmed, it’s speculated that his contract with AEW might have expired.
  • What was Zack Clayton’s notable match in AEW?
    • He had a 14-second FTW Championship match against HOOK during the Rampage taping on August 17, 2022.
  • Where did Zack Clayton go after AEW?
    • After his stint in All Elite Wrestling, Clayton transitioned to ROH and had a match against former ROH World Champion, Dalton Castle.

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