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AEW Salaries: How much money stars reportedly make

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Since its inception in 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has rapidly ascended in the world of professional wrestling, carving out a significant niche for itself.

This article delves into the financial aspects of AEW, particularly the salaries of its wrestlers, offering insights into how much these stars reportedly earn.

The Financial Landscape of AEW

AEW has distinguished itself by offering competitive salaries and additional benefits to its wrestlers.

On average, AEW wrestlers reportedly earn an annual salary of $300,000 (according to SportLister). This figure, while slightly lower than some WWE salaries, is supplemented by numerous perks, including fully catered travel and accommodation, which are not universally provided in WWE.

Top Earners in AEW

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, stands as the highest-paid wrestler with an annual salary of $6 million.

His earnings are a combination of his base salary and pay-per-view (PPV) event earnings. Following Moxley, other top earners include Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, each earning over $3 million.

These figures reflect the promotion’s commitment to compensating its leading stars generously.

Gender Pay Parity

AEW also prides itself on addressing the pay disparity often seen in professional wrestling. Brandi Rhodes, the formerly highest-paid female wrestler in the company before leaving, reportedly earned an annual salary of $2 million.

The Richest AEW Wrestler

With a net worth of $18 million, Chris Jericho is not only one of the highest earners in AEW but also the richest. His wealth accumulates from his wrestling career, podcast hosting, and music ventures.

Jericho’s financial success is a testament to his multifaceted career and longevity in the industry.

The Lower Spectrum of Salaries

On the other end of the spectrum, wrestlers like Darius Martin, Serpentico, and Daunte Martin are among the lowest paid in the company, with annual salaries of around $300,000.

Despite being on the lower end, these wrestlers still benefit from the promotion’s policy of providing travel and accommodation allowances.

Payment Structure

All Elite wrestlers, like their WWE counterparts, are contracted employees and receive their earnings bi-weekly. This structure includes their base salary and other benefits like travel and accommodation allowances.

Main-event wrestlers typically earn the highest base salaries, often exceeding $1 million.

Injury Pay

Tony Kahn and All Elite ensure financial security for its wrestlers even in times of injury. Wrestlers continue to receive their base salaries during injury periods, although they might miss out on PPV event commissions.


  • How much does the highest-paid AEW wrestler earn? Jon Moxley, the highest-paid AEW wrestler, earns an annual salary of $6 million.
  • Is there a significant pay disparity between male and female wrestlers in AEW? All Elite strives to minimize the pay gap, with top female wrestlers like Brandi Rhodes earning substantial salaries (e.g., $2 million annually).
  • Do wrestlers receive additional benefits apart from their salaries? Yes, wrestlers enjoy benefits like fully catered travel and accommodation, irrespective of their tier in the promotion.
  • Are All Elite Wrestling wrestlers paid during injuries? Yes, AEW wrestlers continue to receive their base salaries even when injured.
  • How does AEW’s pay structure compare to WWE’s? While base salaries in AEW might be slightly lower than WWE’s for some wrestlers, AEW compensates with additional benefits and a less demanding schedule.
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