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AEW Stars we think could follow CM Punk and leave for WWE in 2024

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about which All Elite Wrestling (AEW) stars might make the leap to WWE in 2024, following in the footsteps of CM Punk.

Among the names being tossed around are Malakai Black, Miro, MJF, and Wardlow. Each of these wrestlers has made a significant impact in AEW, but the allure of WWE could prove too strong to resist.

Let’s delve into why these stars might be considering a switch and what they could bring to the WWE universe.

AEW Stars Who Could Leave in 2024: Malakai Black – A Dark Horse for WWE?

Malakai Black, known for his enigmatic persona and striking in-ring style, has been a standout performer in AEW. His unique character work and storytelling abilities have garnered a dedicated fan base.

In WWE, Black could explore new creative avenues and potentially reignite feuds or start fresh rivalries. His experience and versatility make him a prime candidate for a move, offering WWE a chance to capitalise on his dark, brooding character.

Couple this with the fact that Black’s wife Zelina Vega is a featured Superstar on SmackDown…and it starts to make even more sense for Aleister Black to return to the company.

Miro: The Bulgarian Brute’s Next Chapter

Miro, formerly known as Rusev in WWE, reinvented himself in AEW with a more intense and focused character. His time in AEW has allowed him to showcase his abilities as a top-tier performer, both on the mic and in the ring.

A return to WWE for Miro could mean a fresh start and an opportunity to capitalise on his evolved persona. His blend of strength, agility, and charisma could see him slotting into main event scenes or revitalising mid-card divisions.

AEW Stars Who Could Leave in 2024 MJF – The Master of the Mic

MJF has established himself as one of the best talkers in the business. His ability to generate heat with just a microphone is unparalleled.

While he is thriving in AEW, the prospect of MJF in WWE is intriguing. His promo skills, combined with his in-ring prowess, make him a valuable asset.

WWE could provide a larger platform for MJF to showcase his talents and potentially become one of the company’s top heels.

Wardlow: The Breakout Star

Wardlow’s rise in AEW has been meteoric. Initially introduced as MJF’s bodyguard, he has since carved out his own path as a powerhouse performer.

His impressive physique and in-ring capabilities make him a natural fit for WWE’s style. A move to WWE could see Wardlow being positioned as a dominant force, possibly in the vein of stars like Batista or Brock Lesnar.

Potential Impact on WWE

Should these stars decide to jump ship, it would undoubtedly shake up the wrestling landscape. WWE could leverage their talents to bolster their rosters and create fresh, compelling storylines.

Each wrestler brings a unique set of skills and character traits that could thrive under the WWE banner.

However, it’s important to note that such moves would also leave a noticeable gap in AEW’s lineup, challenging the promotion to find new ways to captivate its audience.


  • Will Malakai Black fit into WWE’s current roster?
    • Malakai Black’s unique character and in-ring style make him a versatile addition, capable of fitting into various storylines and feuds in WWE.
  • Could Miro replicate his AEW success in WWE?
    • Given his evolution as a character and performer in AEW, Miro has the potential to make a significant impact if he returns to WWE.
  • What makes MJF a valuable asset for WWE?
    • MJF’s exceptional skills on the mic and his in-ring abilities make him a prime candidate for becoming a top heel in WWE.
  • How could Wardlow’s move to WWE benefit his career?
    • A move to WWE could provide Wardlow with a larger platform and opportunities to be positioned as a dominant force, similar to past WWE powerhouses.
  • What impact would these moves have on AEW?
    • The departure of these stars would leave a gap in AEW’s roster, challenging the promotion to develop new talent and storylines.
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