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Best AEW Signings of 2023: Will Ospreay, Adam Copeland and more

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has continued its trajectory as a powerhouse in professional wrestling, with 2023 marking another year of significant growth and exciting new talent acquisitions.

Tony Khan, AEW’s President, has not shied away from expanding the roster, bringing in a mix of legendary figures, former WWE Superstars, and the brightest stars from the independent circuit.

This strategy has kept the AEW product fresh and dynamic, much to the delight of its growing fan base. So, here are our picks for the best AEW signings in 2023:

Best AEW Signings: Commentary and Tag Team Enhancements

Nigel McGuinness: A Voice of Experience

Nigel McGuinness, a seasoned commentator, joined AEW in April 2023. While his role is outside the ring, McGuinness’s addition has been a welcome one, bringing depth and expertise to the commentary team.

Aussie Open: Tag Team Excellence

AEW’s commitment to tag team wrestling was further solidified with the signing of Aussie Open in May 2023. Despite facing injuries, this duo has demonstrated exceptional in-ring chemistry and versatility, promising to be a formidable force in AEW’s tag team division.

Rising Stars and Veteran Talents

Kota Ibushi: A Long-Awaited Arrival

Kota Ibushi, a name long-anticipated by AEW fans, officially joined the company in 2023. His connection with Kenny Omega and his in-ring prowess, despite not being at his peak, has made him a valuable addition to the roster.

Nick Wayne: Youthful Promise

Nick Wayne, a prodigious talent, officially became part of AEW in July 2023. At a young age, he has already shown immense potential, particularly highlighted in his storyline with Christian Cage and Adam Copeland.

Skye Blue: Boosting the Women’s Division

Skye Blue, who had been appearing in AEW since 2021, was officially signed in April 2023. Her consistent performances and dedicated push have proven her to be a significant asset to the women’s division.

Best AEW Signings: Impactful Names

Roderick Strong: Strengthening Connections

Roderick Strong’s arrival in April 2023 was a natural progression, given his history with Adam Cole and his in-ring capabilities. His storyline involving a ‘neck injury’ and his alliance with Adam Cole have been highlights of his tenure so far.

Will Ospreay: A Marquee Signing

Will Ospreay, one of the most highly regarded wrestlers in the world, was a major acquisition for AEW in 2023. Although his official joining is set for 2024, his presence in AEW, thanks to the NJPW partnership, has already made a significant impact.

Mark Briscoe: An Emotional Addition

Mark Briscoe’s signing in February 2023 was both poignant and impactful. Following the tragic passing of his brother, Jay Briscoe, Mark’s debut was a tribute to his late sibling, and he has since proven to be a remarkable talent in the ring.

Jay White: A Touch of Gold

Jay White, a standout performer, joined AEW in April 2023. As the leader of the Bullet Club Gold faction, he has quickly established himself as a top star, participating in high-profile matches and storylines.

The Biggest Signing: Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland: A Rated-R Superstar in AEW

The signing of Adam Copeland in October 2023 was a monumental moment for AEW. Known for his illustrious career and star power, Copeland’s arrival brought immediate attention and credibility to AEW. His performances have been captivating, showcasing that he still competes at an elite level.


  • Who was AEW’s biggest signing in 2023? Adam Copeland was arguably the biggest signing for AEW in 2023, bringing unparalleled star power and experience to the promotion.
  • Did AEW focus on tag team wrestling in 2023? Yes, AEW continued to emphasize tag team wrestling, with the signing of Aussie Open being a testament to this commitment.
  • What role does Nigel McGuinness play in AEW? Nigel McGuinness serves as a commentator in AEW, enhancing the broadcast team with his knowledge and experience.
  • Is Will Ospreay officially part of AEW? While Will Ospreay has been wrestling in AEW events, his official contract with the company begins in 2024.
  • How has Skye Blue impacted the AEW Women’s Division? Skye Blue has significantly impacted the AEW Women’s Division since her official signing, showcasing her talent and earning a push within the company.
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