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Chris Jericho AEW Contract: Length, Salary and more

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Chris Jericho, a name synonymous with professional wrestling, continues to make waves in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). His recent contract extension with AEW marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career.

In this article, we delve into the details of Chris Jericho’s AEW contract, exploring its length, speculated salary, and the impact Jericho has had on the wrestling world.

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Chris Jericho AEW Contract Length and Extension

In October 2022, AEW announced a pivotal extension to Chris Jericho’s contract.

This extension signifies a three-year commitment, keeping Jericho in AEW until December 2025. This decision underscores Jericho’s invaluable contribution to the promotion and his continued popularity among wrestling fans.

Chris Jericho AEW: Speculations on Salary

While the exact figures of Chris Jericho’s salary remain undisclosed, it’s no secret that a wrestler of his calibre commands a substantial remuneration.

Dave Meltzer revealed in October 2022 in an issue of Wrestling Observer Newsletter that prior to the new deal signed around that period, that Jericho was earning around $3 Million US Dollars per annum.

“While figures were not available, his old deal was $3 million per year and he obviously got a raise, and given the timing, likely a good raise. This is not a contract extension” he noted.

Impact on AEW

Since joining AEW, Jericho has been a cornerstone of the promotion. His charisma, experience, and in-ring prowess have been instrumental in elevating AEW’s status in the wrestling world.

Jericho’s role extends beyond that of a performer; he is a mentor to younger talent and a major draw for the audience.


  • What is the length of Chris Jericho’s AEW contract?
    • Chris Jericho’s contract with AEW extends until December 2025.
  • Has the salary for Chris Jericho’s contract been disclosed?
    • The exact salary details have not been made public.
  • When did Jericho join AEW?
    • Chris Jericho joined AEW in 2019.
  • What impact has Chris Jericho had on AEW?
    • Jericho has significantly contributed to AEW’s popularity and growth, both as a performer and a mentor.
  • Can we expect Chris Jericho to continue wrestling until the end of his contract?
    • While this remains speculative, Jericho’s commitment suggests he will be active in AEW until at least December 2025.

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