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Chris Jericho believes AEW segment maybe the ‘coolest moment’ in wrestling ever

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Chris Jericho doesn’t want to mess with perfection.

Jericho’s AEW career is defined by organic moments. One of the things that has become an unexpected organic hit is his theme song, Judas. The song was already a huge hit for Fozzy before Jericho adapted it as his wrestling theme. It has reached unimaginable heights after he started using it for his entrance, however.

The Ocho discussed this unexpected hit while speaking to Chris Van Vliet at his studio. He admitted that he doesn’t know what prompted people to start singing it:

“What prompted people to sing along with it? I don’t know. I’m not sure. but you don’t mess with it. Then the crowning glory for that was when we were in Houston. When MJF and I were doing our feud, which was exactly 365 days. We’re both very proud of it. It was a whole year that MJF-Jericho story. The story that night was that Max, if I wanted to get the match with him, I had to come to the ring with no song. So for the whole week, we’re kind of like ‘What are we going to do? How do we do this? Are we going to have the words on the screen and maybe not film it?’ [Some] people are like ‘Put lyrics under the chair,'”

Chris Jericho then explained how the moment in Houston came together. He claimed that fans signing his theme song without any music maybe the coolest moment in wrestling ever:

“Finally Tony and I were just like, ‘When you go to a concert, you know when to sing. You don’t pull up the lyrics or have a lyric sheet or are prompting you to do it, you just do it.’ So if they do it, then it’s just gonna be one of the coolest moments ever. If they don’t, then the evil heel’s plan worked, which is always good too. I remember walking out, just walking out wandering onto the stage and within two bars, everybody was in sync. Because at first it was a little bit off and then everybody was singing. It was one of the coolest moments, maybe ever in wrestling of these people just singing along to Judas with no music and no prompting. It was amazing.”

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