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Chris Jericho Thinks Cody Rhodes Will Regret Decision To Leave AEW

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Cody Rhodes leaving All Elite Wrestling was a big shock to everyone, especially because he was one of the founding stars of the promotion. Chris Jericho believes that later in his life, the former TNT champion will look back at this decision and think that maybe he should have stuck around.

Y2J talked about Cody during an interview with Sports Illustrated. He first explained that Rhodes leaving AEW was such a big deal because he is the first guy to leave the company. He speculated that the reduced spotlight on him with the influx of other big names may have been a reason for it. He then claimed that Cody may look back at the decision regretfully later on:

“I honestly think, in a few years, he’ll look back and think, ’˜I had it pretty good in AEW. Maybe I should have stuck around.’ But you can’t think that way. Guys come and go all the time. That’s the business. Look at WWE’”Hulk Hogan left, Bret Hart left, Steve Austin left, The Rock left, John Cena left, Shawn Michaels left. It’s Saturday Night Live. Adam Sandler left. Eddie Murphy left. Will Ferrell left. What do we do? You build new stars and move forward.”

Apart from this, Chris Jericho also discussed things such as his feud and upcoming Revolution match with Eddie Kingston and more. You can check out his full interview here.

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Martin MacDonald