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CM Punk return update: more details on AEW’s split roster plan

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More details have emerged about the changes in AEW programming after CM Punk makes his reported return.

It was reported last month that AEW is in talks with the Straight Edge Star for a comeback following the Brawl Out incident last year. Things have been moving fast since then and it seems only a matter of time before Punk is back on AEW TV.

The big hurdle with former AEW star’s return is his conflict with the The Elite. To avoid future altercations, the company officials are reportedly planning to work with a split roster. Reports suggested that AEW’s upcoming Saturday show dubbed AEW Collison will be the home of Punk while Dynamite will remain the home of The Elite.

AEW’s plan for CM Punk return

The newest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided more updates on AEW plans. They noted that the roster split will not be as concrete as first thought:

“The updated plan, and this will possibly change a few times, is that there will be less of a hard roster split as previously told to people who do know about it. The thought is that the split will not be hard at all with the women as they don’t believe there is enough star power to do a hard split.”

The newsletter explained that CM Punk will be the star of Collision most of the weeks. But he will also appear on Dynamite occasionally:

“Punk will be the star of Collision most weeks, but he will be on Dynamite at times when needed. Those with unresolved issues with Punk would be on Collision the week he’s on Dynamite. The idea is to get people to resolve issues but that hasn’t happened yet nor has there been any notable progress.”

AEW is still figuring things out so these plans could change in the future. The report also noted that Rampage is expected to feature more younger talents after the cancellation of Dark and Dark Elevation.

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