FightFans / AEW / WCW legend says CM Punk is setting himself up for a ‘dramatic failure’

WCW legend says CM Punk is setting himself up for a ‘dramatic failure’

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Eric Bischoff believes CM Punk has set himself up for a ‘dramatic failure’ with Collision.

The Straight Edge Star proved to be one of the biggest draws for AEW during his first run with the promotion. AEW broke their previous PPV buy records and saw a significant increase in their overall business after Punk made his debut for the company in August 2021.

This is why the company has big hopes for Punk’s return to the TV on the premiere episode of Collision this month. Many believe that the show will be a success with the former AEW champion at the helm, but Bischoff doesn’t seem to think the same.

Eric Bischoff thinks CM Punk is a financial flop

The former WCW President opened up about the AEW star on the latest episode of Strictly Business (H/t Eric Bischoff claimed that CM Punk has done a good job so far of creating and maintaining the mystique around him:

‘I’m telling you, like I’ve told you from day one, this guy is not a star. Here’s a really funny part of this that I’m thoroughly fricking enjoying is CM Punk has set himself up for just a dramatic failure. CM Punk came in with all of this mystique, and he did a good job of creating that mystique and maintaining it, and for that, I have respect.’

Bischoff claimed that Punk couldn’t deliver on his promise once he got to AEW and the audience started turning against him. He then referenced the reports about low ticket sales for Collision, claiming that Punk is the biggest financial flop in wrestling:

“Now they’re having a hard time selling out these Collision shows with Punk as a centrepiece. Am I right or am I right? When I came out and said that, I took so much heat for this. CM Punk is the most overrated, I didn’t even say potential, I said he was gonna be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history and I think I’m being proven right every minute of the day.’

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Martin MacDonald