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Kenny Omega AEW Contract: Is he still signed?

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In the world of professional wrestling, one name has consistently been making headlines – Kenny Omega, but how long is his AEW contract?

Omega has been a significant part of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since its inception in 2019.

However, recent discussions surrounding his AEW contract have led to questions about whether he is still signed with the company.

Omega’s Original Contract and Injury Time

Kenny Omega’s AEW contract was initially set to expire in February 2023. However, a significant change occurred when Omega suffered an injury in November 2021.

As a result of this injury, he was out of action until August 2022, which led to an amendment in his contract. To account for the time Omega was side-lined due to his injury, AEW decided to extend his contract by adding the injury time to the original deal.

This means that Omega’s contract with AEW is now set to expire later than the initially planned February 2023 date.

Kenny Omega: Current Role in AEW

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future in professional wrestling, Kenny Omega has continued to play an essential part in AEW.

He is also currently the New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, a title he has held with pride and distinction.

His performances in the ring have continued to captivate audiences worldwide, as Omega consistently showcases his incredible wrestling skills and athleticism.

Omega’s Uncertainty About His Pro Wrestling Future

In recent interviews, Kenny Omega has expressed uncertainty about his future in professional wrestling. The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion has not been clear about whether he intends to continue wrestling or explore other opportunities outside the squared circle.

This ambiguity has led to speculation about Omega’s next move and whether he will stay with AEW once his contract extension comes to an end.

Fans and wrestling experts alike are eagerly awaiting any news regarding Omega’s future plans, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the professional wrestling landscape.

What’s Next for Kenny Omega?

As it stands, Kenny Omega remains signed to All Elite Wrestling. However, with the added injury time to his contract and his recent statements about his uncertain future, many questions remain about what lies ahead for the wrestling superstar.

Will Omega choose to re-sign with AEW once his current contract expires? Or will he decide to explore other opportunities in the wrestling world or beyond?

Only time will tell. One thing is for sure – Kenny Omega’s decision will be one of the most closely watched and talked-about topics in professional wrestling.


In conclusion, Kenny Omega’s AEW contract status remains a hot topic in the world of professional wrestling. His original contract, set to expire in February 2023, was extended due to injury time.

Despite being the current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Omega has voiced uncertainty about his future in the sport.

Fans and industry insiders alike are eager to learn what the future holds for one of wrestling’s brightest stars.

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