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Paul Wight/Big Show AEW Contract: Length, Salary and more

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Paul Wight, famously known as Big Show in WWE, made a significant move to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2021.

This transition marked a new chapter in his illustrious wrestling career. Fans and insiders alike have been keenly interested in the details of his contract with AEW, including its length, salary, and other pertinent aspects.

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Paul Wight AEW Contract Length and Signing Details

Wight signed with AEW in February 2021, a decision that sent ripples through the wrestling world. As of March 2023, Wight revealed that he has two years remaining on his AEW deal, indicating that his contract is set to expire in early 2025.

This timeline suggests a four-year agreement with AEW, showcasing the promotion’s commitment to this wrestling veteran.

Paul Wight AEW Contract Salary and Financial Aspects

While the exact figures of Paul Wight’s salary with AEW have not been publicly disclosed, it’s understood that AEW offers competitive packages to its top stars.

Given Wight’s stature and experience, it’s reasonable to assume that his compensation package is substantial and befitting his status in the industry.

Sportskeeda reported that he was earning around $850,000 with WWE, so we estimate that Wight is on between $500,000 to $1 Million with AEW.

Role and Impact in AEW

Since joining AEW, Paul Wight has taken on multiple roles, including that of a wrestler and commentator. His presence has added significant value to the promotion, bringing in a wealth of experience and a fan base cultivated over decades.

Wight’s versatility and star power have been instrumental in AEW’s ongoing efforts to expand its audience and enhance its programming quality.

FAQs About Paul Wight AEW Contract

  • When did Paul Wight sign with AEW?
    • Wight signed with AEW in February 2021.
  • How long is Paul Wight’s contract with AEW?
    • His contract is set to expire in early 2025, indicating a four-year agreement.
  • What roles does Paul Wight have in AEW?
    • He serves as both a wrestler and commentator.
  • Has the salary details of Paul Wight’s AEW contract been disclosed?
    • Exact salary figures have not been publicly disclosed.
  • What impact has Paul Wight had in AEW?
    • He has contributed significantly as a versatile performer and brought his extensive fan base to the promotion.
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