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AEW star rumoured to be ‘unhappy’ and wanting WWE return

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An All Elite Wrestling star is rumoured to be ‘unhappy’ with the promotion and is apparently wanting a huge return to WWE.

According to a new rumour/report from Xero News, AEW star Miro is looking at leaving and making a dramatic return to WWE.

The site noted on Twitter: “Miro is unhappy with his current booking and is looking to maybe jump back.

“People like Cole, Fish and O’Reilly are happy in AEW and have no intention of jumping ship yet. No more names atm” the site concluded.

AEW star wanting WWE return?

It’s worth noting that this rumour from Xero News is just that, a rumour, as we are unable to verify whether or not the report is legitimate at this time.

If Miro really is considering a move away from AEW, it comes at quite an odd time. Speaking to WhatCulture, the former Rusev said that he was happy in his position with All Elite and he had just signed a new long-term deal.

‘I just told Tony, ’˜Now, this is what we’ll do. I’m going to be me,'” Miro bean. “And because he’s a great boss, he let me run with the ball. He gave me the ball and said, ’˜Do what you’ve got to do.’ And I’m doing exactly that.

“He’s not there, he’s not telling me not to smile, not to look at the people, not to do this and that. He’s given me a clean go and that’s what I’m doing” he added.

“That’s why I signed a multi-year deal because he let me do all these opportunities. If it was the situation like before, that would’ve never happened” Miro concluded.

So, if this rumour is true…what changed over the last month?

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